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The Pomeranian, the smallest of the German spitz-type dogs, was intentionally bred down to “toy” size inĀ the nineteenth century. The Pomeranian is smart and loves attention, and it rapidly exchanges affection and will grow bonded to its owner. PomeraniansĀ are incredibly quick for their size and should be watched if they are allowed to run free.

Origin: Flag of GermanyGermany

InfoRating IconRating
Energy Level4/5
Exercise Need1/5
Affection Level1/5
Ease of Training1/5
Grooming Need3/5
Friendliness (Dogs)1/5
Friendliness (Other Pets)3/5
Friendliness (Strangers)1/5
Watchdog Ability5/5
Protection Ability1/5
Cold Tolerance3/5
Heat Tolerance3/5

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  • FCI section: 5.4 European Spitz

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