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As the name indicates, this breed (previously known as the Alsatian) was historically used as a shepherd dog and sheep guardian. The German Shepherd Dog, which is extremely flexible and trainable, has worked successfully as a guard dog, guide dog, and tracker, and is frequently utilized by law enforcement and military forces around the globe. Aside from the odd unfavorable headlines for aggressive behavior, German Shepherd Dogs bred by reliable breeders normally have a stable temperament. Once trained and socialized by a sensible owner, a GSD will grow up into a beloved and affectionate part of the family. Coat lengths range from short to long.

Origin: Flag of GermanyGermany

InfoRating IconRating
Energy Level3/5
Exercise Need4/5
Affection Level3/5
Ease of Training5/5
Grooming Need2/5
Friendliness (Dogs)1/5
Friendliness (Other Pets)3/5
Friendliness (Strangers)2/5
Watchdog Ability5/5
Protection Ability5/5
Cold Tolerance3/5
Heat Tolerance3/5

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Breed groups

  • FCI section: 1.1 Sheepdogs

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  • Original name: Deutscher Schäferhund

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