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Quick breed overview

The Finnish Lapphund was bred from the dogs employed as reindeer herders and guards by the indigenous S├ími people of Lapland. It is extremely popular in its native country Finland, but it’s also gaining popularity internationally. This adaptable breed is loving and reliable, eager to work yet equally content as a family companion and watchdog.

Origin: Flag of FinlandFinland

InfoRating IconRating
Energy Level4/5
Exercise Need4/5
Affection Level3/5
Ease of Training4/5
Grooming Need4/5
Friendliness (Dogs)3/5
Friendliness (Other Pets)3/5
Friendliness (Strangers)2/5
Watchdog Ability5/5
Protection Ability2/5
Cold Tolerance5/5
Heat Tolerance1/5

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Breed groups

  • FCI section: 5.3 Nordic Watchdogs and Herders

Other names & origin

  • Other names: Finnish Lapponian Dog
  • Nicknames:
  • Original name: Suomenlapinkoira

Size & lifespan

  • Weight (male):
  • Weight (female):
  • Height (male):
  • Height (female):
  • Life expectancy: