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The Boykin Spaniel, South Carolina’s official state dog, is a loving companion who gets along great with fellow dogs and kids. Its easygoing personality and eagerness to cooperate make it an excellent gundog or companion for people who like to stay active. The curly coat of the Boykin Spaniel needs frequent care.

Origin: Flag of United States Of AmericaUnited States Of America

InfoRating IconRating
Energy Level4/5
Exercise Need3/5
Affection Level4/5
Ease of Training4/5
Grooming Need3/5
Friendliness (Dogs)4/5
Friendliness (Other Pets)4/5
Friendliness (Strangers)5/5
Watchdog Ability3/5
Protection Ability1/5
Cold Tolerance3/5
Heat Tolerance3/5

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